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Another UFO (Roswell)

November 1991

Omer Edge begins the show from his remote location in the Lucky Muck swamp where he intends to document the nature of swamp gas and why UFOs are constantly mistaken for it. An audio memo from the Netwebs Retro-History Project lays out the basics of the reversible logic which the Netweb uses to “transinfiltrate” future informational adjustments into past programming and why. Then this show focuses on the most famous and best-documented event in modern UFO history – The alleged saucer crash in July, 1947 near Roswell, New Mexico. Representing most researchers “best evidence” for the existence of extra-terrestrial visitors moving through our world, the crash at Roswell remains the pivotal UFO event, boasting the most witnesses, physical evidence encountered (including alien bodies!), and the beginning of the alleged Government cover-up of UFO activities some claim has been in effect ever since.

Dr. Gene Scott (one of my favorite media eccentrics) is prominent throughout reading from several of the written accounts of the Roswell crash. Probably struck by lightning during a thunder storm that night, the craft allegedly hit earth at two points, one being a huge debris field covered only with tiny bits of very strange fragments which exhibited physical properties unlike anything made by us, and the other being a huge gouge in the desert several miles from the debris in which lay a small, relatively undamaged “heel-shaped” craft with several small alien bodies lying nearby.

After the property owner spread the news and showed the strange material found in the debris field he discovered, the Army from nearby Roswell Air Base (the base which housed America’s original atom bomb air wing) was quickly on the scene. After discovering the second crash site, military personnel quickly removed the craft, the bodies (one of which is said to have been alive), and collected every scrap of debris. By that time, many civilians had already encountered the debris material and witnessed many aspects of the high security cleanup.

1947 was a huge year for UFO sightings all across the U.S. and particularly in the Southwest. Amazingly, the army immediately issued a press release stating they had actually recovered one of the rumored “flying disks”, but quickly retracted this revelation the next day with an explanation that it was only a weather balloon, which they maintain to this day, and which witnesses both in and out of the army who saw and touched reject to this day. While some witnesses have related details freely, others have only spoken of it on their death beds, or have only mysteriously hinted at what they know, claiming adherence to sworn military oaths of secrecy, while others claim to fear direct threats of family death they received at the time from military officers.

Throughout this story, as told by a variety of remixed media features on this event, we periodically return to the Lucky Muck Swamp where Mr. Edge, still searching for swamp gas, uses his portable computer link to the Howland Media Archives to locate historical audio documents. These are radio “actualities” from New Mexico on the day of the crash in which Rip Littlegreen reports from the crash scene and interviews Sergio Carracus who is on site representing C. Elliot Friday’s interests, the straight poop from military intelligence is presented, and the New Mexico station’s weatherman (played by Negativland’s Weatherman) is interviewed concerning what he knows about weather balloons. Peppered with a variety of other UFO phenomena, this show only begins to tell you all you need to know about Roswell, which you can remedy if you read on.

5 Hours

The Copywrong Show

October 1991

A rousing, landmark mix of material related to our sued U2/Negativland single and music copyright issues in general, historical and contemporary talk about copyright evolution and constraints, along with a lot of old and new music which employs appropriation remixed together. A show about creating dangerously.

3 Hours

The New Numbers Man

August, 1991

The second of two shows which have dealt with a real-life character called “The Numbers Man”. He was a habitual caller to The Larry King radio show, and taping all his calls became a habit of ours. Using these tapes, as well as a lengthy piece on his life and death which NPR aired, and related numbers material and music, we pay homage to one of the strangest intellectual obsessions ever to make a fool of itself. The premise is that God reveals himself to us through numerical signals in everyday statistics. The coincidental depth of this insight is all in the details.

5 Hours

Christianity is Stupid

April 1991

Richard Lyons and Don

Richard of Negativland is Dick Bush tonight and I am Mark Feign doing a preemption show “replacing” OTE. This “pilot” format is a debate on religion in general and Christianity in particular. Dick is representing the Evangelical Fundamentalist ideology and Mark promotes Atheistic Reason and, after opening position statements, we take calls. Some listeners are well aware of where our tongues are, but due to our sustained seriousness and a rather believable level of contentiousness, many seem to think this is actually real. Our call-in format is very occasionally interrupted with scripted polemics and pro and con songs, but we stick to our “replacement” format by not indulging at all in our usual mix techniques and doing 3 hours of TALK. Highly unusual, surprisingly entertaining, and sometimes actually provocative, this is a head turning, one of a kind classic.

3 Hours