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Christianity is Stupid

April 1991

Richard Lyons and Don

Richard of Negativland is Dick Bush tonight and I am Mark Feign doing a preemption show “replacing” OTE. This “pilot” format is a debate on religion in general and Christianity in particular. Dick is representing the Evangelical Fundamentalist ideology and Mark promotes Atheistic Reason and, after opening position statements, we take calls. Some listeners are well aware of where our tongues are, but due to our sustained seriousness and a rather believable level of contentiousness, many seem to think this is actually real. Our call-in format is very occasionally interrupted with scripted polemics and pro and con songs, but we stick to our “replacement” format by not indulging at all in our usual mix techniques and doing 3 hours of TALK. Highly unusual, surprisingly entertaining, and sometimes actually provocative, this is a head turning, one of a kind classic.

3 Hours