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Another UFO (The Cows)

April, 1994

The 30-year mystery of cattle mutilations and their association with night sky phenomenon is probed, principally by George Knapp and Linda Howe in selected reports to Art Bell’s syndicated radio show, “Dreamland,” from Nevada. Howe’s persistent investigations of hundreds of these anatomically startling and obviously callous killings has produced many interesting patterns and a consistent M.O., perhaps suggesting that at least some of these represent the activities of a superior technology extending its interest in Earth’s genetic material down to lower life forms for purposes we can only guess at. If you have never connected the cattle mutilations with UFOs, be assured others have. Sightings of glowing objects at the time of these mutilations, sometimes over the field or range in question, appear to occur regularly.

Cattle are found, “Precision cuts, surgical, eyes and udders removed, no tracks, no prints, no blood (!), no signs of a struggle, no answers.” One eye will be surgically removed, One ear removed, the tail will be smoothly cut off at the tailbone, internal and genital organs are neatly removed, as well as “coring” and removing the entire rectal canal, doing all of this without spilling any blood, but sometimes draining all the blood from the body. There are no tracks at all around the carcass, even in mud or snow, and wild predators avoid this easy meal. Veterinary opinion finds the cuts and holes to be high precision, surgically knowledgeable, laser scalpel-like cuts accomplished with extremely high heat – hardly portable equipment, even for the local Satanic M.D. And there are hardly enough “Jack the animal rippers” to account for the number of these peculiar tissue, gland, and organ excisions which continue worldwide and unabated as the decades go by.

There are lots of associated sightings and more than one Johnny on the spot has seen a cow being lifted up into the night sky in a beam of extremely intense light, disappear into the bottom of a levitating craft, and be spit out shortly afterward to come crashing down through tree branches in the dark. And then there are those black helicopters hanging around the farmer in the dell… Most disturbing.

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