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Another UFO (The Crops)

May 1994

My personal favorite among UFO associated phenomenon are the crop circles, being as they are some kind of pure graphic expression and a polar-opposite activity to the gory cattle pathology. As in the mutilations, UFO sightings have often accompanied the creation of crop circles. The circles, too, have been with us for 30 years, appearing all over the world in waves of more or less, increasing or decreasing in complexity, but never ceasing. Those of you who fell for the heavy coverage by a welcoming media of the English hoaxers explanation should think that through and listen to this. As usual, reality is discovered in the details. Careful comparisons of “authentic” circles with those clumsily created for the press by those two English guys show their hoax to be a hoax, though this sticky little follow-up point has never been widely reported. Science has begun to analyze these huge patterns pressed into mature grain fields overnight, and they turn out to have many unique properties apparently quite beyond our ability to duplicate. In at least some of the crop circles, each grain stem in the pressed pattern is sharply bent only once in a 90-degree angle at ground level, the stalks appear combed, and they stay down flat!

Occasionally single stalks remain standing straight up within a pressed pattern with no bend and no sign of ever being touched. Try that with a board and ropes, and then try it simultaneously on different continents. The flattened upper stalks are not even bruised. The grain stalks all “flow” around the design in the same direction and are actually interwoven in overlapping layers. Micro-analysis of the blackened plant tissue at the bend point shows unique molecular mutation somewhat similar to the effects of very intense microwave bombardment. There are no tracks or sign of equipment entering or leaving these immaculate impressions. Some speculate these sometimes simple, sometimes quite complex signs being imprinted in our food supply represent some kind of obviously intelligent “transmission,” surely intended to be noticed if not understood. As such, they present the most tantalizing and probably the most irresolvable of all the enigmas from possible Others, yet these gigantic, geometric grain sculptures remain to stare us down, beautiful enough to be art as we know it… This show dribbles over its edge into The Puzzling Evidence Subgenius Show in which Dr. Hal (Hal Robbins) and I discuss crop circles until the cassette runs out.

3 Hours