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Another UFO (Mr. X)

November, 1996

This one features a tape of personal abduction experiences self-recorded by an OTE buyer and correspondent of mine who wishes to remain anonymous. He’s a real person who doesn’t write books, give talks at UFO conventions, or make a career out of his experiences at all. After conscious memory fragments and persistent obsessions apparently familiar to many abductees, Mr. X did undergo regressive hypnosis, recovering more complete memories of several UFO abductions since childhood. Stories from several more famous abductee/authors are thrown into this mix as well, but it’s the more reluctant tale by Mr. X that strikes an unusual note of credibility, while backing up the others with a lack of interest in personal fame or gain of any kind. Scary, fascinating, and full of all the similarities and differences which characterize the whole range of individual abduction scenarios, this is a personal account you’ll never hear anywhere else.

3 Hours

Another UFO (Wild Blue Yonder)

October, 1996

A three-hour remix of Sam Sherman’s audio tape, “The Edwards A.F.B. Encounter.” These Air Force recordings, obtained through freedom of information laws, are not conclusive as to whether the military knows much of anything about UFOs, but they certainly do make it clear that the military had protocols to follow and procedures in play during a 1965 appearance of luminous craft performing impossible speeds and maneuvers over vast areas of California sky ranging from directly over Edwards A.F.B. up to the edge of space. Stationary, then zipping around, they are caught and tracked by numerous military radars in the area, chased and also caught on radar by a military interceptor sent up to investigate, and you hear many of the actual radio and phone communications during this extended encounter.

But it’s also a mix, so the US Air Force interrupts with recruiting P.S.A.s, and callers fly in and out all mixed up in drones. Sherman’s interesting collection of the military talking to each other during this strange event is proof enough that our military is not telling us everything it knows, especially the acknowledgment that they, themselves, have had close encounters with unexplainable, intelligent technologies far beyond human abilities for a long time now.

3 Hours

Another UFO (What Are We supposed To Think Now?)

August, 1996
Pastor Dick, Hal Robins, Don

In this discussion oriented mix, we present five hours of “What Are We Supposed To Think Now?”, with your heavenly host, the Reverend Tilt Reptilian. Somewhat reminiscent of the “Christianity Is Stupid” OTE show, Pastor Dick and Tilt “seriously” debate, not the existence, but the nature and motivations of UFOs. Tilt thinks they’ve always been here and are operated by whatever off-planet entity is responsible for the early genetic alterations to earth hominids, which resulted in us. Dick believes they are demons from the Devil, a trick of Satan, and that humans are only 6000 years old. Mixed in are tapes of Zechariah Sitchen, Graham Hancock, and others on the strange origin of humans and the Gods of antiquity who moved among them. Halfway through, Subgenius Dr. Howland Owl joins the debate which then turns more surreal, with callers throughout providing sightings, songs, and various thoughts wandering. It’s special! This is the radio return of Pastor Dick after 8 years.

5 Hours

Another UFO (The Early Years)

July, 1996

This museum show intends to give an overview with extended details concerning the earliest sightings and encounters in the Modern Era (1947 through the mid 60s.) Not a lot of audio from this period exists and I supplement things with readings from “UFO, The Complete Sightings” by Peter Brookesmith, an interesting, chronological, straight-forward account of reported UFO incidents throughout history.

Added to this are extended tapes made for radio broadcasts in 1955 by George Adamski (one of the first “contactees”), Desmond Leslie (The UFO view from 50s England), an Art Linkletter TV show from the late 50s or early 60s with Frank Edwards on UFOs, several lengthy clips from the CBS Evening News of 1966 covering a then occurring rash of UFO sightings in Michigan, which produced the famous “Swamp Gas” diagnosis of Dr Hynek, and some compressed romping through all the UFO topics making news in the 50s.

Not a crazy mix, as these rare and antique UFO tapes are low fi and deserve to be heard. And reading about the self-evidently foolish, if not hoaxterish claims of Adamski is not quite the same as listening to this eccentric in the flesh. The 50s ambiance is filled out with a few songs from the era and early sci-fi soundtrack music from Hollywoods bandwagon.

3 Hours

Another UFO (The Nova Agenda)

March, 1996
Wobbly & Don

This specialized edition is media about media about media. Wobbly and I make some interesting noise all through this show containing the PBS Nova show on abductions and Bud Hopkins appearing on some radio shows to refute that broadcast. Includes an Internet statement from Nova’s producer, her letter to one of the abductee participants, as well as a written statement by Hopkins. Lots of upset squabbling over how Nova, representing the conservative voice of establishment science, is way behind the times when it comes to this subject, and disappointingly negligent/biased in their presentation of it. The live, concretely musical mix of all this kicks the constant dialog along in an outer entertaining way. An excellent mix about mainstream science’s approach to this subject.

3 Hours