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Another UFO (The Early Years)

July, 1996

This museum show intends to give an overview with extended details concerning the earliest sightings and encounters in the Modern Era (1947 through the mid 60s.) Not a lot of audio from this period exists and I supplement things with readings from “UFO, The Complete Sightings” by Peter Brookesmith, an interesting, chronological, straight-forward account of reported UFO incidents throughout history.

Added to this are extended tapes made for radio broadcasts in 1955 by George Adamski (one of the first “contactees”), Desmond Leslie (The UFO view from 50s England), an Art Linkletter TV show from the late 50s or early 60s with Frank Edwards on UFOs, several lengthy clips from the CBS Evening News of 1966 covering a then occurring rash of UFO sightings in Michigan, which produced the famous “Swamp Gas” diagnosis of Dr Hynek, and some compressed romping through all the UFO topics making news in the 50s.

Not a crazy mix, as these rare and antique UFO tapes are low fi and deserve to be heard. And reading about the self-evidently foolish, if not hoaxterish claims of Adamski is not quite the same as listening to this eccentric in the flesh. The 50s ambiance is filled out with a few songs from the era and early sci-fi soundtrack music from Hollywoods bandwagon.

3 Hours