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Another UFO (What Are We supposed To Think Now?)

August, 1996
Pastor Dick, Hal Robins, Don

In this discussion oriented mix, we present five hours of “What Are We Supposed To Think Now?”, with your heavenly host, the Reverend Tilt Reptilian. Somewhat reminiscent of the “Christianity Is Stupid” OTE show, Pastor Dick and Tilt “seriously” debate, not the existence, but the nature and motivations of UFOs. Tilt thinks they’ve always been here and are operated by whatever off-planet entity is responsible for the early genetic alterations to earth hominids, which resulted in us. Dick believes they are demons from the Devil, a trick of Satan, and that humans are only 6000 years old. Mixed in are tapes of Zechariah Sitchen, Graham Hancock, and others on the strange origin of humans and the Gods of antiquity who moved among them. Halfway through, Subgenius Dr. Howland Owl joins the debate which then turns more surreal, with callers throughout providing sightings, songs, and various thoughts wandering. It’s special! This is the radio return of Pastor Dick after 8 years.

5 Hours