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Buy Anything

November 30, 2000

This solid 5-hour mix is all about old and new mass consumerism and local, national, international, and global marketing. Classic commercial and industrial pep song musicals from the 50s & 60s, Genuine major media interviews with corporate pundants and theorists, an NPR interview with DJ about Negativland’s “Dispepsi” CD with feature clips from your local high school’s Pepsi machine. Jingles galore, the superiferonic malls of today, music and commercials from Raymond Scott’s Manhattan Research – electronic music scores for commercials of the 60s, and Jimi Hendrix bookends.

5 Hours

The Radio Journal of Ride Theory II

November 23, 2000
Dan Howland, Don

Dan Howland, Don Ignatz and Crosley continue riding all kinds of rides but concentrate their focus this week on Disneyland conveyances. More White Knuckle News Ride stories and another Ride Quest contest for callers, one of whom wins a ride on the Haunted Mansion accompanied by Crosley and Ignatz who explains the whole trip as we go. Lots of callers exchange ride info with us, Michael Eisner talks a lot and The Little Mermaid duels with him over intellectual property, and we end up almost getting two listeners hooked up in a tunnel of love.

3 hours

The Radio Journal Of Ride Theory I

November 16, 2000
Dan Howland, Don

Ignatz Topo, editor of The Journal Of Ride Theory, joins Crosley Bendix for a show all about amusement park rides and Mr. Ignatz’s insightful zine on the subject. After a disagreeable phone call from Michael Eisner himself concerning the content of Ignatz’s journal, we mix a lot of material on all kinds of rides, especially the roller coasters of America and the theme rides of Disneyland. Regular features include the White Knuckle News Ride with topical reports about the darker side of amusement, and Ride Quest in which phone callers are quizzed about the world of rides in order to win a free spin on our radio roller coaster. Nice stuff and a very packed and focused production.

3 Hours

Time After Time

July 20, 2000

Leland Googleburger, on tape from the past where he is on a mission, introduces this show about time travel which revolves around a mix of several tales from fiction, including a couple from 50s science fiction radio and “The Time Traveler” by H.G. Wells, mixed up with contemporary scientists discussing todays view of the possibility and how it might be accomplished, as well as why quantum physics suggests “It’s not as far-fetched as you might think.”

3 Hours