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Another UFO (Tales from Area 51)

April 27, 2001

Beginning with World War II, this ranges from Hitler’s vertical take-off vehicles, to the transplantation of that program to us where saucer craft emerged, to Roswell’s extra-terrestrial saucer and a few of its close-to-being-there witnesses, to Area 51’s S4 area where that saucer is rumored/witnessed to have ended up. Updated Bob Lazar telling the story of his employment there as an alien saucer back engineer, and “Victor” who smuggled a video of a live alien with humans in a holding room out of the super secret S4 part of Area 51, and his experience there. TV’s handling of this government-denied geography in Nevada comes up a few times, as well as the deep levels of secrecy and security which include the use of “deadly force.” The biggest center ever for former sightings, some think it’s all been moved elsewhere by now, leaving only the slightly less weird and ever more saucer-like secret aircraft we are building there to be mistaken for the alien variety now, or maybe even then.

3 Hours


April 12, 2001

Witchcraft from the mouths of Inquisitors, bloodlines going back to Nimrod, these families now control minds. Trauma based mind control from childhood, and its close association with ancient Satanism. 19th Century racial bloodline mysticism produces the Nazis, an occult philosophy of racial superiority. Belson survivors days after liberation. Several mind control victims happen to be multiple personalities, some of whom carry out brain-wired operations for the Illuminati New Order, and created they say by Nazi doctors and Illuminati satanic parent controllers…. The home of Black Metal! HELL, that’s enough for now. But no – subbing for Puzzling Evidence I hang on to the waves for another two hours with Dr Howl as we discuss… Oh, I forget… the walls of amnesia?

5 Hours