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The Black Death Debate

June 21, 2001
Negativland and Russ Schoenwitter

Negativland’s Pastor Dick and Harold Camping of Family Radio fame join in debate with Black/Death Metal collector, Santo Gold, and The Weatherman as we expose this world of occult guitar noise and argue its merits for today’s teenagers. Dayle Embree reads Black/Death Metal lyrics, Harold does the math, Bibles are quoted, and the music wails.

Pastor Dick interviews The Weatherman while he dips his microphone in club soda concerning his intimated involvement in a real life mass murder which was committed by someone he shared Goth records with. Callers join this crucial sociological debate, along with some actual exorcisms to the Satanic strains of Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal, and Speed Metal music from Scandinavia, Europe, and America. A must-hear for everyone afraid of music.

3 Hours

Pure Vinyl

June 14, 2001

A show all about how when a functional technology becomes obsolete, it can then start becoming art. Beginning with a little history of the phonograph and how to unpack your turntable, we scratch through the old world of hi-fi, stereo, and the platters it came on, mixed with many remixed examples of how this surface-bound “sound writing” has entered into the digital age in the form of cut-up nostalgia. We hear from the History of Rock & Roll with Jumpin’ Jack Jackson, Eldorado Pismos first record, and several ’50s/’60s vinyl promotional records touting the “new” sound sweeping the world, including a lost Motorola classic with Jonathan Winters. This one just keeps jumpin’ with clicks, scratches, and surface noise.

3 Hours