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Another UFO (Hypnotized)

August 22, 2002

The role and effectiveness of hypnosis in the UFO abduction phenomenon is the subject. Dr. David Jacobs, while relating many of the ideas from his disconcerting book on what abductions are leading to, also leads this mix of relative confidence and skepticism concerning hypnosis from investigators like Bud Hopkins, John Mack, some scientists investigating how hypnosis works, a couple documentaries on the world wide abduction phenomenon from England and Australia, Howard Stern interviewing Jacobs, and an instruction record for achieving self hypnosis if youre an abductee.

One has to admit that this particular branch of the UFO experience is a human phenomenon full of amazement no matter whether its all true or not. The 30 years of detailed abduction records, usually continuing through generational, genetic family lines, show clearly that either there is some truth in the commonality of descriptions and details in these impossible descriptions from all over the world, or that many thousands of humans are having basically the same dream upon going to sleep and have been doing so for 30 years – something quite unknown in any other subject of human dreams. There is no satisfying solution for those not involved in this phenomenon as both options remain highly unlikely, yet this paradox of reason goes on, forcing us to stay up late listening to the radio

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