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An Islamic Thanksgiving

November 27, 2003


This is a 5-hour blast of bits and pieces from our favorite media concerning the idea that fundamentalist Islam has always demanded terrorism as a core belief, and eventually this will mean nuclear terrorism against the infidels; that’s us. Dirty bombs are explained (it only takes radioactive material wrapped around dynamite,) “We will see a lot of people die in a grand act of martyrdom,” the historical development of modern Islamic fundamentalism under Nasser in ’50s Egypt, U.S. nuclear security from the ’60s, the non-separation of Allah’s exclusionary religion and the state throughout the mid east, the CIA’s evolving relationship with Israel, the NSA’s attempt to monitor world communications, occasional time bombs, “Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem,” and a receptacle full of candid callers.

5 Hours (2 mp3s)

Getting Old

November 20, 2003

With a few more appropriate songs than usual, we wander down the garden path, getting 3 hours older with the help of population explosion information (whatever happened to this once “crucial” issue?), a future family in an overpopulated world living under the tyranny of grandpa because everyone uses a drug that lets them live for centuries, a time machine operator that uses old people to make money from the past, The Wind Cries Mary and Your Mother Should Know, casting for prairie dogs, lots of receptacle callers, and a lot of now old singers who once were young.

3 Hours

Sex In The Stone Age

November 13, 2003

Crosley Bendix begins this show with a declaration that, since art is dead, he is switching to philosophy and will review that from now on. He begins this new career by tackling natural evolution vs. planned initiation. After that, the role of family and sex in anthropological pre-history is thrown on a space ship and taken to your radio. On the way, boy crazy teenaged girls sing about the attractions of fascination, anthropologists discuss the strange evolution of both sex and birth in human females compared to our closest animal relatives. The Worlds Greatest Man show, Casey Kasems astrology for lovers, The Girls From Earth, and lots of interactive receptacle input.

3 Hours