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Another UFO (Earth People)

December 30, 2004

This one spreads out over 6 hours, delving into a combination of specific, multiple eyewitness sightings, and another view of all this from the modern physicists perspective. Turns out that all the impossibilities described by UFO witnesses would be technologically achievable by any type III civilization that possess quantum computing and the energy of stars in this or any other Galaxy. On the other hand, like the Bentwaters military encounters of 1980 covered here, someone on the inside thinks this is the easiest thing in the world to keep secret because its so unbelievable; or so says Bob Lazar who went to the TV news in Las Vegas to reveal his former employment at /”S4/” inside Area 51, where he worked on one of the 9 flying discs (one flyable) then in the possession of the USA. And dont forget Science Fiction, plenty of that too – some about first contact and some about competing with aliens for better technology. It may be true that since we have gotten rid of God, we now have this stuff to go supernatural over, but this is a lot more interesting than God, and there may actually be a type III civilization out there or in one of the many more dimensions we have to now consider according to string theory physics, and if thats true… On the other other hand, listening to these real and reasonable witnesses to the physically impossible is enough to give you pause. But it doesnt – for six hours.

6 Hours (2 mp3s)

A History Of Show Business

September 30, 2004

This covers it all, from the earliest recordings made by antique stage actors, to George Jessels tribute to early Broadway, to Elvis and Eminem. 5 hours filled with the intermixed essences of show business legends of every kind as they so briefly parade through the decades in temporary spotlights as if they were passing hours in a radio show. Conclusion? Yes, it does.

5 Hours (3 mp3s)

Strange Air

September 9, 2004

Strange air is not a describable format. It relies heavily on receptacle programming, but beyond that anything goes as long as it is specifically strange. Delbert Grady is the overnight caretaker as we follow the guy who is trying to return to earth from the outer galaxies or try to understand Chris Morris or just listen to music about air before its cut off.

3 Hours

Is This Funny?

August 26, 2004
Will Ryle, Mr. Krebbs, Don

Ronald Redball returns again to test the boundaries of comedy with our haplessly stoned audience. A skeptical Lud Hunchly hosts this exploration of the outer edges of comedy, what makes it funny, and when. Ronald improvises in the most precarious ways as Lud tries to get him to remember his name. The Dave Emory impersonation comes under dispute even as callers demand more of him, and Ronald once again fails to date a caller. Prepare to be laughed up one side and down the other.

3 Hours

Sequel: How Radio Isn’t Done Part 3: Still Not Funny

Coming Down

August 19, 2004

A companion sequel to Artificial Paradise, this music-laden show is the other side of last weeks coin – the inevitable struggle to achieve the state of post altered consciousness. Some of the same drugs are used up, and some new ones appear, as euphoria sinks into a whole lot of trouble getting off this stuff.

3 Hours

Prequel: Artificial Paradise

Artificial Paradise

August 12, 2004
Stephan Ronan, Don

Ray the druggist and Dr. Sigmund Void join Dr. Oslow Norway, Chief of Psychedelic Psychiatry for UMN, in a vast display of sounds and music relating to all drug use in America, yesterday and today, legal and illegal, but mostly illegal. The extremely over-medicated mood of contemporary America should not bat an eye at this honest, somewhat celebratory ode to altered consciousness and all the chemicals that do it. This show might be called either counter public affairs programming or the truth.

3 Hours

Sequel: Coming Down

Free Culture Part V

July 29, 2004

Wrapping it up with a five-hour finale to the thoughts and ideas of Lawrence Lessig. If this does not succeeded in getting copyright revised to accommodate the cultural realities that digital technology has changed, then Lawrence Lessig is right and it is too late to preserve free access to our own culture on the Internet. Welcome to professional and fully controlled media.

5 Hours

Free Culture Part IV

July 22, 2004

All new, all the same. 3 more hours of Lawrence Lessig and how our unbalanced copyright laws are utterly smothering our American traditions of innovation and creativity.

3 Hours

Free Culture Part III

July 15, 2004

The thoughts and ideas of Lawrence Lessig continue embedded in a live mix of music and dialog. There is no end to these thoughts and ideas.

3 Hours

Free Culture Part II

July 8, 2004

We continue through the entire month of July with this subject which suggests profound changes in human behavior, values, and culture due to new technology. The thoughts and ideas of Lawrence Lessig remain the focus and feature throughout. This reasoned plea to revise copyright law to preserve creativity now that we have the Internet continues.

3 Hours