Due to the vast amount of data here, not all OTE shows can be stored online. And we digitize more of them every day. If you're interested in acquiring old shows, please email the Webmaster He will be happy to provide shows for you along with your donation to keep this site running.

Free Culture Part I

June 24, 2004

This is partly comprised of volunteers reading chapters from Lawrence Lessigs book, Free Culture, on the Internet. This is a book that became audio on the Internet and which now becomes a radio mix and, so far, no one has objected to this multiplicity of unauthorized reuses. This show is all about the very idea of intellectual property and how that idea is changing in the novel light of new technology. With contrasting and supporting material from many media sources, we look at what belongs to whom in this transforming cultural context.

3 Hours

Word Receptacle

June 17, 2004

This one is all about words, specifically all those that the FCC prohibits, with lots of unembarrassed examples. I thought it might be interesting to use the actual words being endlessly discussed for a change. Some clips from an edition of This American Life provides an excellent discussion of the FCCs impossible words and especially their unproven effect on kids, while lots of offending material from Lenny Bruce to Eminem is heard as well. This is my unauthorized attempt to relax a little around these words and try to depict how hearing them in the middle of the night is a relatively harmless experience.

3 Hours

Space For Kids

June 10, 2004

A show built around stories and music about space kids. X-Minus One gives us two intermixed stories of kids taking over with supernatural powers and alien help. The fantastic Twink provides space music on toy instruments, a raising of the MoonRock pot provides a 4 year old Wang Tool memorial tribute to Bobby and Betty, two kids killed tragically in space during their unaccompanied trip to the moon, mashed space songs and mashed baby songs, and it all goes down strained peaches in space.
3 Hours

Radio Now Again

May 20, 2004

The rest of the best for Now Radio. A lot of the previous shows material plays out to conclusions with all new musical accompaniment and more callers. This and the previous show are a continuous and wistful look at what might be right and what might be wrong with radio now.

3 Hours

“What So Proudly We Fail” Part Three

Sept. 11, 2009
Adam Shaw, Don.

Adam Shaw joins me for this very electronic mix, opening with an extended section of Weatherman failure versus Francis E. Dec and expanding into found sound clips like the “Bullworth” soundtrack, and a decline of democracy documentary, along with songs and callers on failure.

3 Hours.

“Music Is…” Part Ten “The Receptacle”

July 31, 2009

This 5 hour edition is the final show in the “Music Is…” series, but in this one Receptacle callers are unfiltered in and emphasized throughout, with complete instructions included, as well as phone music, 60s music, especially Fleetwood Mac, Carl Stalling and Bugs Bunny, composing The Simpsons music, France and England call, and all kinds of noise, noise, noise. There. Hopefully, we have learned what music is.

5 Hours.

Radio Now

May 13, 2004

All about radio continues with a mix of Firesign Theatre, FCC history, Howard Stern, Lenny Bruce, ham radio, TM formats, how to be a disc jockey, and a magical mix of wrong musical segues that really work. And dont forget the first phone call made from Washington DC to NY City recorded on an Edison cylinder in 1898. Sound, obscenity and who controls radio are the themes throughout.

3 Hours

Internet Radio

April 27, 2004
Richard Lyons, The 
Weatherman, Don

We give over 5 hours of programming to the Weathermans house in Seattle where he and Dick send out their audio files via Shoutcast, and then we connect to Shoutcast and send them out via KPFA. This works great, with very clean sound, and we also get to hear the Weatherman go to the bathroom, wander around his garage, and all their other fully miked events in Seattle. Complicating the situation, we also have Richard manning a live phone on our air to bypass the Internet delay involved or just play with repeating ourselves. We were all pleased and surprised this worked so well, and Im sure well do it again. No one had any idea if this was legal broadcasting or not.

5 Hours (2 mp3s)

Another UFO (UFO Radio)

March 25, 2004

This one is comprised of various radio broadcasting on the subject of UFOs from 1958 through the ‘90s. Long John Neble with the likes of Frank Edwards and Arthur C. Clarke doing the first live conference call on radio, a series of shows produced by NICAP about their UFO investigations in the 60s, an independent British radio documentary, Art Bell and UFOs Tonight, all surprisingly talking about the very same kind of evidence, speculations, and doubts that still typify this subject today. After almost 60 years, the subject has neither revealed itself nor gone away, and from the beginning, radio has always played a crucial role in reporting UFO facts, fictions, lore, and mythology among us.

3 Hours

Inside Extra Celebrity Access Tonight

March 18, 2004

All the above shows clipped and mixed and played straight, the Princess Diana tapes, The Who, Dick Vaughn from his beginning to his end, Elvis Presley and Lisa Marie. Casey Kasem and the 180 Gs, Howard Stern, Eminem, and famous names mixed with famous names in the modern world. The sole subject of celebrity has now taken over about 90% of all TV programming.

3 Hours