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Radio Now Again

May 20, 2004

The rest of the best for Now Radio. A lot of the previous shows material plays out to conclusions with all new musical accompaniment and more callers. This and the previous show are a continuous and wistful look at what might be right and what might be wrong with radio now.

3 Hours

“What So Proudly We Fail” Part Three

Sept. 11, 2009
Adam Shaw, Don.

Adam Shaw joins me for this very electronic mix, opening with an extended section of Weatherman failure versus Francis E. Dec and expanding into found sound clips like the “Bullworth” soundtrack, and a decline of democracy documentary, along with songs and callers on failure.

3 Hours.

“Music Is…” Part Ten “The Receptacle”

July 31, 2009

This 5 hour edition is the final show in the “Music Is…” series, but in this one Receptacle callers are unfiltered in and emphasized throughout, with complete instructions included, as well as phone music, 60s music, especially Fleetwood Mac, Carl Stalling and Bugs Bunny, composing The Simpsons music, France and England call, and all kinds of noise, noise, noise. There. Hopefully, we have learned what music is.

5 Hours.

Radio Now

May 13, 2004

All about radio continues with a mix of Firesign Theatre, FCC history, Howard Stern, Lenny Bruce, ham radio, TM formats, how to be a disc jockey, and a magical mix of wrong musical segues that really work. And dont forget the first phone call made from Washington DC to NY City recorded on an Edison cylinder in 1898. Sound, obscenity and who controls radio are the themes throughout.

3 Hours