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A History Of Show Business

September 30, 2004

This covers it all, from the earliest recordings made by antique stage actors, to George Jessels tribute to early Broadway, to Elvis and Eminem. 5 hours filled with the intermixed essences of show business legends of every kind as they so briefly parade through the decades in temporary spotlights as if they were passing hours in a radio show. Conclusion? Yes, it does.

5 Hours (3 mp3s)

Strange Air

September 9, 2004

Strange air is not a describable format. It relies heavily on receptacle programming, but beyond that anything goes as long as it is specifically strange. Delbert Grady is the overnight caretaker as we follow the guy who is trying to return to earth from the outer galaxies or try to understand Chris Morris or just listen to music about air before its cut off.

3 Hours