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And About Music

March 31, 2005

Well finally. Heres a lengthy show all about modern music, the business its in, its tendency to borrow from others’ examples and now with the added spice of digital technology allowing everyone to be a recomposer, and how Hip-Hop in particular drove this whole era of mix ‘n mash music abuse to todays head, wherever they may be. Also the clash of business interests vs. art in the age of reproduction, the Internet and music downloading, and a bunch of songs about music. Are you still keeping music in your house?

5 Hours (2 mp3s)

Evolution Again

March 17, 2005

Just keep moving; weve got a long way to go. God raises its invisible head a few times in this continuing expose of our million-year romp on Earth. But the origin of our species is still not a clear map to archeological authorities either. Who were the first Americans, scientists from Dimension X speed up evolution inside a drop of water, spiders get their day, frozen accidents, all humans didnt develop civilization at the same rate, and music, a brand new recent development, just keeps playing.

3 hours

Receptacle Evolution

March 10, 2005

The results of human evolution to date are given the Receptacle airwaves once again to state their case for the existence of intelligence. Time passes in the form of the history of life on earth compressed into one year, the Cambrian explosion of organic forms which have been diminishing ever since, small /”Hobbit/” human skeletons are discovered, a road trip in France is interrupted by the appearance of a Neanderthal man, and the oddities of evolutionary adaptations in creatures great and small.

3 Hours

Old Is New/New Is Old Receptacle

March 3, 2005
Thomas Dimuzio, Don

Thomas Dimuzio provides his sounds and musical deconstructions for this live mix devoted to the callers and the title idea. However, Jack Benny does the show hell do in 40 years, the Infiniphone captures sound from the past, the Beatles collide, and perhaps its too chaotic because the callers dont seem to have much to say. Just too darn entertaining probably.

3 Hours