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The Subgenius Thanksgiving Executive Banquet

November 24, 2005
The Subgenius Executive Bored, Don

Izzy Isnt, professional banquet facilitator, hosts a holiday get together for the Subgenius big wigs. This show must rival the record for lengthiest, non-stop, multi-voice rapping and ranting on radio record. It never stops. Try to follow just one of them, or give up and immerse yourself in the whole unraveling weave of multi-subgenius patter. We never did get to the annual accounting report…

5 Hours (2 mp3s)

How Radio Isnt Done Part 8

November 17, 2005

The cast of characters remains more or less the same, but theres so much of them you still have never heard most of it before. From the best of OTE to the LA riots and the Duchess Of Earl, youll wonder whatever happened to radio.

3 Hours

How Radio Isnt Done Part 7

November 10, 2005

On we go with lots more unrepentant radio. Firesign Theatre, Bob and Ray, Howard Stern, and the inimitably dead Dick Vaughn help to bring you wrong listening, stopping only for some 60s music broadcasting nostalgia.

3 Hours

How Radio Isnt Done Part 6

November 3, 2005

Tonight I play the recent live performance by Negativland of /”Its All In Your Head FM/” from the El Rey in LA and the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Its two plus hours of why there is no God, performed as a radio show on stage. We finish out this 3 hours with more of how radio isnt done, including the infamous Casey Kasem/U2 cut that got us sued so long ago. Now it seems so innocent…

3 Hours
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