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How Radio Isnt Done Part 13

December 29, 2005

This final show in 05 is a five-hour edition rambling through extensive sections of uncertain ’80s radio links with Radio Moscow, including a WBAI experiment and The Time Zones Exchange Project from Negativland, as well as more on indecency in media, including Howard Sterns on-air call to FCC Chairman Powell appearing on KGO in San Francisco, and religion in radio.

5 Hours (2 mp3s)

How Radio Isnt Done Part 12: Suicide Hotline

December 22, 2005
Don Davis & Don

Long time caller, Suicide Man, joins me, Izzy Isnt, to co-host /”The Suicide Hotline/” in which we invite all comments and proposals concerning the timeless human right to do it. Mostly a call-in talk show whose purpose is to enable and encourage suicide, we cover the history, traditions and future potentials of suicide as a reasonable response to life as we know it.

3 Hours

How Radio Isnt Done Part 11

December 15, 2005

Yes, it just goes on and on, something like the inevitable human tendency to do the wrong thing, even when they know what that is. Kants philosophy in radio, Congress, Stern, religious broadcasting jams, the word, /”fuck/” explained, more Weatherman, and receptacle programming.

3 Hours

How Radio Isnt Done Part 10

December 8, 2005

Indecency continues but even more so. /”Dirty word this and dirty word that/” peppers Hip Hop to the brim while lots of songs about explicit sex play through. Congressional hearings continue, as does Howard Sterns mission in life. Here on terrestrial radio, I just hope no one notices this show. But it is surprising how harmless this stuff becomes in no time at all…

3 Hours

How Radio Isnt Done Part 9

December 1, 2005

This edition focuses on indecency in media, including clips from a recent Congressional hearing on the subject intimating that the rise of unencumbered speech and imagery in both cable TV and satellite radio has hit the FCC radar as probably requiring the same language/image prohibitions that terrestrial broadcasting is now subject to. Also, The Weathermans Dumb Stupid Come Out Line, more of Howard Sterns tempestuous radio troubles, perversion for profit, and sexy songs.

3 Hours