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Circuit Bending

May 25, 2006
Univac, Das, Nina, Khate, Wayne and Don

This group of circuit benders present the art form live. Circuit bending involves manipulating the circuitry of electronic toys with audio and other instruments to create new and unintended sounds with them. The process is discussed and described, and we mix throughout with these sounds.

3 Hours

How Radio Was Done Part 3

May 18, 2006

We focus on 1938 and Orson Welles’ /”War Of The Worlds/” broadcast that caused a panic among listeners. I play the whole original broadcast along with a lot of material about the Mercury Theatre production, including fiction about the making of it and post show debate and commentary of the time.

3 Hours

How Radio Was Done Part 2

May 11, 2006

We continue through the ’20s and ’30s, with the development of early radio, the spread of stations, and emerging content from comedy to melodrama.

3 Hours