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How Radio Was Done Part 14

August 31, 2006

Beginning in the late ’50s and pushing into the early ’60s, for five hours we cover the decline of the first generation of rock, yet another UFO, the Soviet vs. American space programs, the cold war and the bomb, the golden age of the western genre, and the beginning of the girl group explosion.

5 Hours (2 mp3s)

How Radio Was Done Part 13

August 17, 2006

After reviewing how we got here, the late ’50s roll on inside the radio with the history of Rock & Roll, a heavier Soviet A-bomb requiring a bigger rocket thrust which produces the first satellite, Beatniks reacting to American materialism, some communist Disney music, and Stan Freburg and Lonnie Donegan sing Rock Island Line.

3 Hours

How Radio Was Done Part 12

August 10, 2006

Still stuck on the ’50s with Elvis, Elvis, Elvis. Lots of ’50s radio interviews, rarely-heard early live performances including many of his earliest TV appearances, lots of his less familiar songs, and ’50s media reactions to this emergence of blatantly suggestive sexuality. /”Rock & Roll is here to stay but I wish I wasnt/” – Groucho Marx.

3 Hours