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How Radio Was Done Part 29

January 25, 2007

Its finally 1968 and we tiptoe through the horrors, as well as the tulips. Black soldiers discuss the raging war in Vietnam and at home. The assassinations of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy, the Democratic Convention riots in Chicago, feminists demonstrate at the Miss America pageant, and life becomes a style.

3 Hours

How Radio Was Done Part 28

January 18, 2007

1967 radio continues with a WBAI discussion between John Cage and Morton Feldman about the intrusion of radio in modern sound, Martin Luther King gives a startling speech against the Vietnam war, Tom Donahue interviews the Grateful Dead on San Franciscos KMPX, as British and American psychedelic music plays right through the evolving social and musical turmoil.

3 Hours

The New Years Revolution Show

January 4, 2007
The Church Of the Subgenius, Don

In a diversion from the HRWD series, many members of the Subgenius sect join Over The Edge as we combine OTE and The Puzzling Evidence Show (which follows OTE on KPFA) for a five hour gathering of unscripted banter. All the regulars are here plus Ivan Stang (Subgenius founder,) Michael Pepe, Bishop Joey, Science fiction author John Shirley, a new baby, and more. Highlighted by multiple simultaneous conversations, its all about… everything. Can you stand it?

5 Hours