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How Radio Was Done Part 34

March 29, 2007

Americas trip to land on the moon begins this five hour show about 1969 and the radio that accompanied it. The Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, and King Crimson releases from ‘69 set the mood.
Continuing with the simultaneous irony of the Vietnam War being fought, we move through the sunset years of the Beatles with lots of bootleg music from their later recording sessions, along with Lennon and Yoko interviews from their Bed-Ins held in Toronto and Montreal.

5 Hours

How Radio Was Done Part 33

March 22, 2007

Pink Floyd begins and 1968 morphs into 1969 with the emergence of southern soul at Stax/Volt, the extensive formats at the AFVN radio network in Vietnam are sampled, and following an ad for the soundtrack to 2001: A Space Odyssey, our first and only trip to the moon begins.

3 Hours

The Booper Symphony Rehearsal Show

March 15, 2007

Negativland appears in person to attempt The Booper Symphony #1, an idea for a live show never attempted before this performance. With everyone playing a variety of Boopers, which are analog electronic circuit bent devices created by Negativlands The Weatherman and now existing in a variety of forms and electronic sound generation abilities, we all play this idea out in three movements with comments and criticisms from our callers.

3 Hours