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How Radio Was Done Part 37

May 17, 2007

Breaking the decade barrier, we move into 1970 with Jean Shepherd and Negativland doing the same song, 70s radio bloopers, Whos on first, Radio Hanoi and the Vietnam War with Scoop Nisker, station Id composites galore, and filling up the rest with some big chunks of music (live and not) about bell bottoms, long hair, southern men, and cowgirls in the sand.

3 Hours

My Funny Valentine – The Freddy McGuire Comeback Show

May 10, 2007
Jon Leidecker, Anne McGuire, Don

In her latest return to OTE, Freddy and her musical director, Wobbly, perform a whole new set of late night songs for the discriminating listener, some of whom call in on air during her songs. An off-season valentine to noise, or difficult songs of distinction? /”Her best outing yet,/” says Crosley Bendix, who hosts
and boops along.

3 Hours