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How Radio Was Done Part 62

December 27, 2007

After starting over with holiday greetings from 1979, we include some anti-religious sentiments from Crass and The Poison Girls, Howard Sterns escapades on the radio in 79, the origins of Rap, the music/radio/DJ business and all the years of trying, and London Calling.

3 Hours

The Chopping Channel – World Music World

December 20, 2007
John Leidecker, Peter Conheim, Mark Gergis, Don

In a special holiday edition, /”a time of good will towards acquisition,/” The chopping Channel finds us mixing and selling live and recorded music and everything else in a whole new world of media commerce. Extremely chopped for that exclusive Chopping Channel /”salad sound,/” the live mix continues for three hours, punctuated by regular sales pitches by the salespeople.

3 Hours

How Radio Was Done Part 61

December 13, 2007

1978 continues with a TM production called /”Tomorrow Radio/” which is predicting what radio will be like in 1983, a Rock & Roll Swindle tribute to The Sex Pistols and Malcolm McLaren, junk food junkie Dan White, the murderer of Milk and Moscone confesses on tape, /”Another UFO/” brings us a couple of highly placed UFO witnesses testifying for the Disclosure Project, and punk music moves on.

3 Hours