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The Chopping Channel – Love Cuts

May 29, 2008
Peter Conheim, Jon Leidecker, Katie, Don

The Chopping Channel shows up to play live with the premise of selling love. For this 5-hour show, Bud Choke hosts, and along with Wobbly, Velma, and the irrepressible Katie, mix it up with lots of callers and plenty of noise, while exhibiting cut-up and manipulated music and songs about love. Often verbose without being funny, we take it as it comes, and the mix perhaps improves as some participants retreat to home and bed about halfway through.

5 hours

How Radio Was Done Part 76

May 22, 2008

This chilling side of 83 includes the story of the /”Able Archer/” nuclear attack exercise, which almost resulted in the real thing, Reagan and his Star Wars space defense initiative, talk show clips about that and the communist threat and what to do about it, the /”Nuclear Shield/” edit – /”But Ray, What if they blow us up?/” Reagan on God and /”Christianity is Stupid,/” and Pink Floyds /”Final Cut/” from 83 throughout.

3 Hours

How Radio Was Done Part 75

May 8, 2008

Its 1983 again as we move through stupid and dumb, the US invasion of Grenada, talk show discussions of it, the Soviet shoot down of South Korean airliner 007, talk show and UN discussions of it, some Russian rock, some plugging for KPFA support, KYA and KSFO change formats, the emergence of robot technology in industry, Blade Runners soundtrack, The Android Sisters and others sing about robots, the condensed story of Tron, and Time After Time.

3 Hours