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Nobody Cares – The Voice Jail Show

July 31, 2008
Phineas Narco, Calvin G. Krebbs, Buster Balls.

A five-hour exploration of the Voice Jail phenomenon which motivated the electronic mail boxes of a variety of people around the Silicon Valley during the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Ingoing and outgoing voice mail became compositions in music, sound, and theater just before e-mail and the digital age began. The group called itself /”Voice Jail,/” and we remix their creative voice mail with a heavy inclusion of live callers in our Receptacle format, along with found analysis and commentary on speech and language.
5 Hours

How Radio Was Done Part 82

July 24, 2008

Once more for ’84, featuring Roger Waters and Malcolm McLaren releases of the year, then on to Paul McCartney’s movie flop of ’84, Reagan on God and abortion, Larry King interviews Frank Zappa on music censorship and warning labels, and the nuclear bomb and Star Wars defense debate continues. So does Howard Stern vs. Z-100 and other music, stations and DJs from ’84.

3 Hours

How Radio Was Done Part 81

July 17, 2008

Amateur radio takes the radio stage in 1984, with /”Jamcon 84/” by Negativland performing on OTE back in that day. Interspersed are all kinds of Ham radio and CB jamming not appearing on that CD, also some punkish songs, Z-100 vs. Howard Stern in NYC, Malcolm McLarens /”fans/” and Japanese radio, President Reagan addresses religious broadcasters on God, and Frank Zappa is interviewed on KPFA about satanic gangs.

3 Hours

How Radio Was Done Part 80

July 10, 2008

The art music side of ’84, with Laurie Anderson in a “Speaking of Music” talk on KPFA describing her process, equipment, and music with Charles Amirkhanian. Also Jacki Apple and Marina LaPalma with some rare text/music pieces, and a couple “Sound Spots” featuring avant music of the day. Howard Stern threatens to quit if Soupy Sales gets his own syndicated radio show and Howard doesn’t, The Firesign Theatre does Shakespeare, and some extended clips from OTE in ‘84.

3 Hours.