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How Radio was Done Part 85

August 28, 2008

1985 radio continues, but with a focus on TV. The computer age has arrived and we celebrate with bits from The Firesign Theatres 85 release, /”Eat Or Be Eaten,/” followed by Max Headroom, his story and a mix of the BBC pilot show introducing him, and a /”live/” appearance with David Letterman. Then the music biz (Fantasy Records) and the /”Copyright On Love,/” and we move into the country with cowboy truckers, their music, and some truck stuff from OTE in 85. Then the pesky Soviets again, and an on-air call to Radio Moscow from OTE in 85.
3 Hours.

How Radio Was Done Part 84

August 21, 2008

Negativland appears prominently for a while in Time Zones, Body English (Negativland does KPFAs live coverage of President Reagans Second Inaugural Address), a Crosley Bendix review and other stuff made in 1985. A nice combination of Hollywood, Radio Moscow, The Strategic Defense Initiative Star Wars system, Ricky Nelsons plane goes down, Lefty Louise on God, SCTV and soviet jamming, hits and anxieties, plus rock DJs in LA, Chicago and elsewhere.
3 Hours

How Radio Was Done Part 83

August 14, 2008

We begin 1985, and this one is mostly devoted to language censorship in music and features Frank Zappa from some of the many media interviews he did on the subject around 85. This is when the /”PMRC/” emerged as a religiously motivated group looking to label Rock albums for obscene language. Zappa debates them on radio and TV (Larry King, Crossfire, Johnny Carson), backed up in this mix with some examples and lots of Receptacle callers.
3 hours