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Over The Puzzling Edge Of Evidence

Oct. 30, 2008
We combine OTE and The Puzzling Evidence show for this Halloween Eve 5-hour get together. Doug, Philo and Dr. Hal join Don for a mix of scary sounds, scary story bits mixed in throughout, and spontaneous rapping around the subject of supernatural symbolism with examples galore. Receptacle phone input adds to the general fun and confusion. Dense and downright unintelligible at times, we fearlessly forge on through layers of dialog and sound. Not for the faint of heart.
5 Hours.

How Radio Was Done Part 90

Oct. 23, 2008
1986 was a most patriotic year, and this edition covers the unveiling of the 200th anniversary renewed Statue Of Liberty, the Hands Across America celebration, combined with some caustic talk radio of the day, an extended listen to Radio Moscow, Radio Cuba and the Chinese are adopting capitalism, Reagan speaks, the Mideast, the Starwars Defense System of satellite knock-out continues, Receptacle callers join the dream, the best of OTE bits from Pastor Dicks 1986 /”J Brigade/” show, and music and DJs getting in fights on the air.
3 hours

How Radio Was Done Part 89

Oct. 16, 2008
More radio from 1986, starting with Frank Zappa and a satanic gang controversy recorded right here at KPFA, accompanied by the music making it all possible. We get a tour of UK pirate radio in 86, a little American format history, a prank call from DeGaul to WMGM, some favorite callers from the best of Over The Edge, and music and DJs from the year.
3 hours

How Radio Was Done Part 88

Oct. 9, 2008
1986 radio continues with an extended listen to some of the coverage given to the Challenger shuttle explosion of that year. From the lengthy, tension-filled, on-the-spot reporting of the disaster immediately after lift-off, to later analysis of what went wrong (including pleas from the booster makers not to launch that day,) to where this first-ever crash of the shuttle left the space program, and throwing in some appropriate music of the year. Following this, we move back into fun with some radio production promos, a little Firesign Theatre, some Negativland from OTE in 86 at their annual stockholders picnic, and more 86 music.
3 hours