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How Radio Was Done Part 93

Nov. 27, 2008


Radio in 1987 continues with a British radio reprise of 1967 in 87, an extended mix of commentary and hearings around the arms for hostages and Iran/Contra affairs and Reagan on the Iraq/Iran war and the never-ending Mid-east turmoil. Also, 10,000 Maniacs live in 87 and DJs, news, and music of the year.
3 hours.

How Radio Was Done Part 92

Nov. 20, 2008
Radio from 1987 begins with Harry Shearers Reagan and Radio Moscow, and then moves through Proctor & Bergmans /”Power/” and /”Goodbye To Hollywood/” by Ronnie Spector, who then appears on the Howard Stern Show to sing an ode to a news story of the day about a pit bull – /”Eat My Baby./” Then on through the 4th Of July at the California State Fair, A Reagan speech to Berliners accompanied by some German rock, DJs and music of the year, and the best of OTE in 87 with Wang Tool on the Moon.
3 Hours.

How Radio Was Done Part 91

Nov. 13, 2008
One last time for 1986 radio. This time we cover broadcasting from a lot of stations and DJs of the year, as well as a lot of music made in 86 that none of them played and a little they did. Listen to the last day of KHJ in L.A., various talk radio shows and their profanity bleepers, KFRCs 20th anniversary, the rise of Hip Hop and the Beastie Boys, coinciding with the rise of the PMRC and warning labels for sex and violence. We rock out more than usual as the beat goes on.
3 Hours.