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A Very Boopy Christmas

Dec. 25, 2008
Negativland – Mark Hosler, Jennifer Bennett, Don.
Park ‘n Meter join Izzy Isn’t for Negativland’s “A Very Boopy Christmas” show. In the process, we’re rehearsing some of the material for an upcoming New Years Eve performance of “The Booper Symphony” in San Francisco. Along with a lot of mixing with boopers galore, there’s all kinds of Christmas music manipulation, holiday clips and bits, some older Negativland “razor tapes,” a live rendition of “Car Bomb,” and Director Of Stylistic Premonitions, Crosley Bendix, proclaims the end of music.
3 Hours.

How Radio Was Done Part 95

Dec. 18, 2008
A show about the art end of audio being broadcast in 1987, from a recurring John Cage, to a KPFA Morning Concert broadcast featuring a composer using samplers, to Laurie Anderson, to some syndicated “Soundspots” featuring music from the likes of David Moss and Carl Stone. Also, a musical tribute to Andy Warhol who died in ’87, Joey Scaggs, Cristo, a controversial public gun sculpture, and other art and artists mixed and remixed.
3 Hours.

How Radio Was Done Part 94

Dec. 12, 2008
This time we focus on OTE broadcasts exclusively with three hours of OTE clips and bits from 1987. These range from the “Harmonic Convergence Show,” to “The Time Zones Exchange Project” which simulated a simulcast with Radio Moscow, to “Emergency Radio” drenched with some of the dark angst present in ’87 around the cold war and the seemingly inevitable nuclear destruction of us all. Also, lots of Receptacle callers from the year, as well as a few from 2008.
3 Hours.