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How Radio Was Done Part 98

Jan. 29, 2009- Solo

This 5 hour show inaugurates 1988 by covering the whole Satanic cult flap and religious fanaticism of 1988. We join various broadcast features on Satanic churches and their rituals of Devil worship, abduction, and violence. Also, the ritual abuse of children and their deprogramming, the relationship of rock music and Satanism, all of Helter Stupid by Negativland, demon possession and exorcisms performed, and a host of religiously paranoid broadcasters. And is any of it real? Then we move on to censorship in radio with Howard Stern and the FCC, Jello Biafra, and finally end it all with some best of OTE from ’88.

5 Hours.

How Radio Was Done Part 97

(Jan. 22, 2009- Solo)
Still more of 1987, and we rove through some of the crazy top 40 DJs on the air that year, the music they played and some they didn’t, Larry King and a panel discusses the pros and cons of AM vs. FM, a BBC show playing only songs that are less than two minutes long, an ode to old radio from NBC, and still more of the more odd music appearing in 1987.
3 Hours.

How Radio Was Done Part 96

Jan. 15, 2009
The longest year yet, 1987 continues, this time focusing on cold war paranoia on the cusp of Glasnost. After a brief opening technical difficulty, your host, Izzy Isnt, first admits to not caring if 1987 goes on forever, and then were off with Beau Grites and the U.S. Government officials running Asian drugs, an extended look at the Star Wars Strategic Defense Initiative with Edward Teller and others, Bible prophecy on Russia and the Middle East, the open emergence of Russian rock with examples, and throughout, almost the entire /”Radio Kaos/” album released in 1987 by Roger Waters.
3 Hours.

How Radio Was Done Part 95B

Jan. 8, 2009
In this continuation of Part 95, we cover more audio art and art related material from 1987.This includes various abstract verbal and mouth sound works, an extended look at Survival Research Laboratories with descriptions of their work by Mark Pauline and cohorts, along with the big noise they made. Also, Gregory Whitehead, The Flying Lizards, Culturcide, Christian Marclay, John Oswald, more John Cage remixed, decorated telephones by Red Grooms and what they mean, and Crosley Bendix explains /”Domestic Art./”
3 Hours.