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How Radio Was Done (Part 100)

Feb. 26, 2009 Solo

History plows on, oblivious to round numbers. 1988 airchecks collide, the KCMU media warrior, The Cocteau Twins, Nintendo and the Mario Brothers, Crosley Bendix reviews movies, George Carlin on Howard Stern, Rick Sklar interviewed, and some of our 60s music heroes still getting by in 1988.
3 Hours.

The Chopping Channel World Radio World II

Feb. 19, 2009
John Leidecker, Peter Conheim, Mark Gergis, Don.
The Chopping Channel returns with its semi-biannual tribute to avant commercialism and the almighty pitch. Several pitchmen with shifting names get it on between pitches describing unknowingly how empty their lives really are and have been since World Radio World I. At least thats one interpretation. This is the first group mix sound collage on OTE in quite a while.
3 Hours.

How Radio Was Done Part 99

Feb. 12, 2009 Solo
This one takes a listen to more of the cut up and music collage work being done in 1988 – a fantasy radio show that could have happened on radio in 88, but seldom did. Lots of the pioneers and some then current pieces of sampled music and manipulated found sound that were rockin on in 88. Pop radio and its content intrude throughout just to remind you what was real at the time.
3 Hours.