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How radio was done Part 102

March 26, 2009

Starting off the 1988 Time Zone again with The Weathermans Tick Tock story, Truth In Advertising, and some other early Negativland dialog edits, along with 88 DJ air checks, lots of Receptacle Programming, and Soviet mind alteration via broadcasting mega electronic impulses. Crosley Bendix reviews dance, The Weatherman records Thanksgiving cooking, and the best of OTE brings us right back to Time and Time Zones.

3 Hours.

Amen Seat

March 19, 2009
Jon Leidecker, MaryClare Brz, Don.
A special drop-in, pop up, insert show. Wobbly and MaryClare Brz, are Amen Seat, and they play live so called music for about an hour. Your host, Crosley Bendix, then repeats a cultural review on the end of music for Wobbly who wants to record it for a lucrative WebNet deal. He also interviews Crosley about Negativland history and collage. The final hour is a dense mix of musical examples that typify everything the previous hour was talking about.

3 Hours.

How radio was done Part 101

March 12, 2009 Solo
This part launches into Rap and Hip Hop as they were developing in 1988. An up to date glitch mix combines these with Jazz and Jazz poetry of the day, some featured Beatnigs, legal demons hiding in the rise of sampled music, and how that all spilled over into white peoples audio. Howard Stern hosts a radio debate between Timothy Leary and G. Gordon Liddy, then doing a national /”debate tour./” Live Bowie, more Media Warrior, Rick Sklar relates the history of format radio, and The Tower Of Music.

3 Hours.