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What So Proudly We Fail Part Five

Sept. 25, 2009 Solo
The rise of Communist Russia, Stalin, The Cold War, Beatniks try dope, 60s Hippies did too, their music did too, and our doped culture began. The Weatherman continues laughing darkly, Cold War drug running, and Timothy Leary made LPs. Out of my mind. So lets join The Weathermans Clorox Cowboy for his OTE show edit on The Weathermans Dumb Stupid Come-out Line CD.
3 Hours.

What So Proudly We Fail Part Four

Sept. 18, 2009

Getting dark now, but The Weatherman cant stop laughing. Featuring broadcast engineering to avoid failure in old radio live production, I Am An American, Middle East foreign policy in extremist doubt, The Ecumaniac prefers all Gods, a song from Pastor Dick, an extended musical airplane history of failures, and songs and clips about failing.

3 Hours.

What So Proudly We Fail Part Three

Sept. 11, 2009
Adam Shaw, Don.

Adam Shaw joins me for this very electronic mix, opening with an extended section of Weatherman failure versus Francis Deck and expanding into found sound clips like the /”Bullworth/” soundtrack, and a decline of democracy documentary, along with songs and callers on failure.

3 Hours.

What So Proudly We Fail Part two

Aug. 28, 2009
The recorded Weatherman is back and so is failure. Includes a National Anthem remix, Dick Vaughn from delusional stardom to death, the stages and symptoms of a failure spiral, Greil Marcus on the falsehoods and worships of America, a flashback to /”Music Is…/” for a quiz, anti-intellectualism from God, assorted philosophies on why we fail, and more songs about failing.
3 Hours.