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All Art Radio

Oct. 23, 2009
Back again, /”All Art Radio/” focuses its sounds on visual art. But more importantly, it is this show in which real technician, Jake, is in the studio to try to fix the live buzz in my Effectron on the air, soldering and all. Otherwise, and that might be art too, its all art all the time, including various 50s sci fi radio fictions concerning painting and the arts, how to paint audio, modern visual artists performing music and noise, and John Cage Meets The Masses.
3 Hours.

What So Proudly We Fail Part Seven

Oct. 16, 2009

“Whatever needs to happen, let it happen” Beginning with some technical difficulties appropriately enough, we move through The Waterboys, media bloopers from the past, poet Steven Jesse Bernstein dropping in throughout, More Noise Please, receptacle emphasis, Megaphone Man, Albert Brooks. Frank Zappa on the decline of the music biz since the 60s, The usual Weatherman, and a little more talk about the atom.

3 Hours

What So Proudly We Fail Part Six

Oct. 9, 2009
Lets talk about the Atom. Dated and still relevant, the whole idea of dirty bombs and the now inevitable terrorist adaptation to nuclear weapons is mixed with music and noise. Nuclear /”security/” is what we put our faith in, and heres why not to. Also, Christianity Is Stupid, Christos art kills viewer, and the collapse of civilizations.
3 Hours.