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All Art Radio April 9, 2010

A somewhat abrasive episode full of cut-up, Hip Hop, and glitch music concerned with sampling and modern noise, including live bits from the “Plunderpalooza” performance from 1997 and Crosley Bendix reviewing “progress.” Also, “The Way Of Art” is explained and described, historical noise art, and audio and visual artists speak about their pieces. Then I sit in to host The Puzzling Evidence Show for another two hours with Philo and Dr. Hal.
5 Hours.

All Art Radio March 26, 2010

Beginning with Manets Olympia, 19th Century Impressionism, and what they were after, we move on through the effects on art of the industrial age and technological evolution, move into a live performance of Negativlands Booper Symphony #1, which continues with many more bits on the procedural and philosophical practice of art, museums speaking, and painters on their paintings. Also Izzy Isnt meets Happy Hazard.
3 Hours.