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Your Brain is God – Part 10

Your Brain Is God – Part 10

August 19, 2011


We ramble on, all about God, science, evil, neurotheology, and the soul. How the brain embraces the apparently preposterous concept of God. Punctuated by Negativland and the 180-Gs combined in a mash of “I Am God.”

3 hours

Your Brain is God Part 9

Your Brain Is God – Part 9

Aug. 12, 2011


Just like God, theres no end to it. All new material on science, God, and the human brain which houses it all.

3 Hours.

Your Brain is God – Part 8

Your Brain is God – Part 18


A some point Don just skips the write-up for these, causing your webmaster to make up whatever crap he feels like.

*In this episode Minky Blowhard skips 17 consecutive lunchtimes while whistling Bach etudes.
*This angers the King of Jodhpur Mountain, who races to the scene on his Froot-A-Loop Bike.
*Subsequently, atoms of mayonnaise are discovered by Dr. Amanda Maybelle Fisher, D.D.S., in her memories of her father, the hideous Dr. Blomquist.

Then there is some crap about God in there, too, or something.

Reelboy sez: “At some point the webmaster just skips specifying the length of the shows leaving OTEs befuddled worshippers to guess that this show, being on a fourth Thursday, except that it’s Friday, is but three hours long.”

Thanks, RB!

3 hours

Your Brain is God – Part 7

Your Brain Is God – Part 7

July 22, 2011


God in your brain continues with material on the conjunction of religion and politics, organic brain wave activity, and many more bits on the relationship of internal thought to our religious wishful thinking.

3 Hours.