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Your Brain is God – Part 27

Your Brain Is God – Part 27

Jan. 27, 2012


Bertrand Russell discourses on taboo morality and fanaticism and Roger Waters with most of his “Amused To Death” CD, as Graham Hancock comments on the nature of consciousness and spirituality.

Your Brain is God – Part 26

Your Brain Is God – Part 26

Jan. 20, 2012


Interesting facts about the early Bible, who wrote it, and when. Jesus through his crucifixion and more on the history of atheism, Catholicism, and the nature of God.

3 Hours.

Your Brain is God – Part 25

Your Brain Is God – Part 25

Jan. 13, 2012

Tim Maloney, Don

Tim plays Dr. Otto Prieswell, a “brain expert” who joins Izzy’s brother, Adam Isnt, for a solid 3 hour talk show, a discussion of how the brain works in relation to God. Is the brain hard wired for spiritual activity? Lots of callers join in with their own views and we just keep going.

3 Hours.

Your Brain is God – Part 24

Your Brain Is God – Part 24

Dec. 30. 2011


In another extended version, we cover the lore of Mary Magdalene (wife of Jesus?), Eve says more, mind and body, the history of the earliest Bibles, Noahs Ark, and live Negativland on Islam.

5 Hours.

Your Brain is God – Part 23

Your Brain Is God – Part 23

Dec. 23. 2011


Binky the Duck electrocutes himself – for Christ! -Izzy throws up -on air – for Jesus! -The entire Over the Edge staff, including Don, Jason, Margo, Helena, Ishmael, and Billy “Pecs” Wexler all convert to Christianity – ON THE AIR!!!

No, it’s just another case of Don not actually doing a write-up for this show, so I made something up. -This one is actually about God. – and the Brain.

3 Hours.