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Your Brain is God – Part 33

Your Brain is God – Part 33

March 29, 2012


Youth preachers rant on the trouble with kids today, which was yesterday, Jesus becoming Christ, the Pope at Christmas, and revising Catholic rituals.

Then, at 3:00 AM, Subgeniuses Philo and Dr. Hal show up mistakenly and we continue with a gabbing talk show.

Don, Philo, Dr. Hal

5 Hours.

Your Brain is God – Part 32

Your Brain Is God – Part 32

March 23, 2012


The universe, quantum and other physics, the fabric of the cosmos, new and old atheists, Gods wonders, and other intelligent life.

3 hours.

Your Brain is God – Part 31

Your Brain is God -Part 31

March 16, 2012


How we got the 10 Commandments, Einstein and God and physics, evolution,
parallel universes, all about Heaven, belief and unbelief, and God the creator.

3 Hours.

Your Brain is God – Part 30

Your Brain Is God – Part 30

March 9, 2012

Wobbly, Don

With Wobbly on live keyboards throughout, we cover poetry on God, from Jesus to Christ, more of C.S. Lewis thoughts on God and religion, Karen Armstrong, and separating soul and body.

3 Hours.