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Your Brain is God – Part 43

What is this about? Who knows? Don has not described this one yet, either, but it’s full of Brain and God.

(Careful listening reveals that it is a live mix of noise and religious talk. Harold Camping tries to defend himself, religion and politics, history and science, plus plenty of booper. Speaking in tongues! Near Death Experiences! Heaven and Hell! This one’s got it all! Plus, did I mention plenty of booper?)

Peter Conheim, Don
3 Hours

Your Brain is God – Part 42

“Your Brain Is God”  Part 42

July 12, 2012

Wobbly, Don.

Wobbly joins me for a further on mix of our confused world of religions and all their Gods. Will this never end? Well, does God?

3 Hours.

Therapeutic Chop – The Chopping Channel

“ Therapeutic Chop” – Chopping channel

June 29, 2012

Wobbly, Peter Conheim, Don.

The Chopping Channel brings therapy to music butchery with lots of noise amid the self-help.

3 Hours.