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Universe – Part 37

“Universe Part 37 What About The 60s? A-2”

Dec. 26, 2013

An all 60s comedy show filled with The Firesign Theatre, The Congress Of Wonders, and Bob & Ray, with an opening Christmas bit from Nichols and May. We range across and intermix several 60s album releases and radio work from the first two, and tap into the 60s daily radio improvisations of Bob & Ray. The Moon in the 60s is also always just over our shoulder with Apollo communications and a novelty UFO song. We go a little long when Puzzling Evidence fails to show up on time for his show.

3 ½ Hours.

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Universe – Part 36

“Universe Part 36 What About The 60s? x”

Dec. 20, 2013

As Christmas approaches, so does Paul Harvey at the North Pole covering Santa’s sleigh launch, with 60s Christmas promos and ads for Christmas cigarettes. But not before we delve way into the Mad Genius Of Teen, Phil Spector, his music, and his notorious personal behavior in and out of the music biz, along with a lot of well and less well known work from his concert studios. That’s the whole thing.

3 Hours.

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Universe – Part 35

“Universe Part 35 What About The 60s? Y”

Dec. 13, 2013

After an intruder (or was it?) hoax post on our website claiming The Weatherman had died, we follow up that bru-ha-ha with this show assuring you he is alive. There’s lots of new and old Weatherman here, as we celebrate the odd lovability of Weatherman performances on OTE over many years.

3 Hours.

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Universe – Part 34

“Universe Part 34 What About The 60s? x”

Nov. 29, 2013

This one begins with a stupendous (if I do say so myself) simul-play mash of two different versions of “In Held ‘twas In I”  by Procul Harum lasting about 25 minutes. Then we delve into 60s astrology, how it works and what it means to you, hosted by Casey Kasem. More music, including a little segment on George Harrison, and Receptacle callers, of course, one of whom called it all boring. You be the judge.

3 Hours.

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