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Universe – Part 40

Universe pt. 40 What About the 60s? pt. D-2

Jan. 24, 2014

After Izzy shows his mike’s neglected pan and asks for reminders to change it, we launch into another wide ranging look at the 60s and, this time, more of it’s music. Includes descriptions of the ’64-’65 N.Y World’s Fair and its wishful hopes for the future, more from Murray Roman’s psychedelic comedy, San Francisco’s KSAN with Tom Donahue and a few songs he played, and I play a lot more rare or studio outake versions of famous songs from those hazy, crazy days.

3 Hours.

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Universe – Part 39

“Universe Part 39  What About The 60s? C-2”

Jan. 17, 2014

A live Doors simulplay begins this edition, (simulplays are an exclusive OTE invention consisting of playing two versions of the same song simultaneously.) followed by 60s clips from the day, the ‘68 production, “Monitor,” 60s songs with current events on their minds, a black poem from the late Amira Baraka, a 15 minute Beatle boot of “Revolution” I bet you haven’t heard, and ending it all with another live Doors simulplay.

3 Hours.

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Universe – Part 38

“Universe Part 38  What About The 60s? B-2”

Jan. 10, 2014

We begin a new year with a whole-show focus on Civil Defense in the 60s. The A-Bomb weighed heavy on everybody’s strained psyche during the decade as the cold war and fear of Russia dominated politics, not to mention our whole emersion in Vietnam, which I do with Armed Forces News reports from the war. Sprinkled throughout are Civil Defense PSAs  attempting to give all the rules for surviving the nuclear attack which was expected momentarily, along with some of the anti-war music of the day.
3 Hours.

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