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Universe – Part 79

Universe pt 79 Guitars in Space III

Feb. 20, 2015

We begin with Bud Choke reminiscing about what OTE used to be and what’s funny and what’s not. Then we finish this short series consisting of all rock guitar solos with comments and commentary on the Universe and its celestial contents, and just to make sure we are entertaining, we add more comedy this time from Firesign’s Roller Maidens From Outer Space.

3 Hours.

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Universe – Part 78

Universe pt. 78 Guitars In Space II

Feb. 13, 2015

We continue with our inner and outer space survey of the Universe and lush hard rock guitar solos coming from our planet in recent years. Izzy Isn’t rejects receptacle appreciation and a party, but otherwise stays out of the way so you can enjoy this more or less extinct kind of hard and heartfelt music.

3 Hours.

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Universe – Part 77

Universe pt. 77

Guitars In Space

Jan. 30, 2015

After weeks of being broken, The Weatherman has fixed the Booper. We begin with a call from him to discuss the new nature of the refurbished Booper in detail. Then it’s on to “Guitars In Space,” which features Roger Waters solo album, “Amused to Death, and many different artists and tracks playing very hard rock guitar, along with more commentary on the nature and contents of the Universe.

5 Hours.

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