The Train Show

Aug. 21, 2009
Stephen Ronan, Helen Holt, Don.

A three hour rail ride with a couple old hands from the early days of OTE, returning tonight for the first time in years. Railroad Ray reads from his traveling poetry as Miss Information plays horns, flutes, mandolin, and sound devices, interrupted by That Hellbound Train, The Signal Man, and the building of the transcontinental railroad, all to the tune of moving trains and their whistles.

3 Hours.

3 Responses to “The Train Show”

  1. RAY man says: my hyperbolic pessimism I was certain this was a wash-out but I can say with 100% objectivity that it is an instant classic and a knock-out. Don’s sound skills have made him a living treasure after so many years of work. It sounds like a perfected version of the old shows with these same artists. I’m reminded of a documentary I watched last week called “Sean” updating the story of a 4-year-old pot-loving hippie kid from 1967. The film-maker returned to the Haight for the first time in 40+ years and saw the street fair and said that this was how he wished it had been back in the heyday. Count yr blessing every day & this is great show is one of mine.

  2. RAY man says:

    Don Joyce: Voice, live audio mix.
    Stephen Ronan: Voice,live mix,harmonica,kazoo,jar of rice, bell.
    Helen Holt: Voice, mandolin,whistles,clarinet, percussion.

  3. Bob Dobbz says:

    All Aboard!

    Ding sing sing sing ding ding ding ding