What So Proudly We Fail Part Seven

Oct. 16, 2009

“Whatever needs to happen, let it happen” Beginning with some technical difficulties appropriately enough, we move through The Waterboys, media bloopers from the past, poet Steven Jesse Bernstein dropping in throughout, More Noise Please, receptacle emphasis, Megaphone Man, Albert Brooks. Frank Zappa on the decline of the music biz since the 60s, The usual Weatherman, and a little more talk about the atom.

3 Hours

6 Responses to “What So Proudly We Fail Part Seven”

  1. PhantomGuitarist says:

    So who did the ‘Breathe’ cover that comes up around the 1hr mark? I liked it.

  2. Christian says:

    John Kilduff is currently on his “Embrace Failare World Tour 2009.”

  3. Crapavelli says:

    Seriously why does it say this is free if it is not!?!?!?!?

  4. OMFGWTF!?!?!?!? says:

    can you please fix your site!?!? this says it’s free.. do you even look at these comments? it’s said you got hacked on the front page for like 2 or 3 months.. wtf!?!? is it possible for you to fix your site? is that possible!?!??

  5. webmaster says:

    We’re fixing the site, ninja. We’re fixing it all the time! And yes, we got hacked/bunged/screwed up for a while there. Things are still kind of wonky. News Flash: Negativland does not have enough money to hire a full-time web designer. The one we have – me – is kind of lame. So we just have to do things the old school hand-tolled kind of crappy way for a while until we all become millionaires!

    Is there something in particular that is not working you’d like us to put on priority?

  6. Patrica says:

    Hey if Billy is still around can you have him contact me. Its about our friend Mary Kramer thanks