All Art Radio

Dec. 11, 2009
The all art subjects continue, including Marcel Duchamp on the creative act, Herbert Read on the surrealist object, John Cheevers /”The Enormous Radio/” and other writings, poetry from Michael McClure and Terry Riley, Frank Stella, among others, on how he works, and lots more music and noise directed at art.
3 Hours.

7 Responses to “All Art Radio”

  1. pete says:

    The show seems “smaller” this week… 2 hrs., 16 mins., even though the download completed.

  2. snugganut says:

    upload must have stalled out. sorry about that, y’all. it’s corrected now.

  3. Reelboy says:

    Thank you kindly!

  4. novachild says:

    None of these downloads are completing, and I’ve tried several times. Help?

  5. Mike says:

    This particular show loads up to 78% then stops.

  6. Syd Onion says:

    What is planned for Dec.24th OTE? Last year’s Very Boopy Christmas was awesome.

  7. PhantomGuitarist says:

    I am hoping for a xmas extravaganza also. Have been enjoying All Art Radio, but a xmas special would be nice. Oh and a new years one too – 5 hours????