Christmas Garbage

Dec. 25, 2009
Heres all the junk thats fit to celebrate, including much attempted holiday music from The Jethros, music boxes from around the world, Christmas fiction with Doris Day, more fiction from World War Two, and even more fiction from The Bible. Also, Barbie & Ken in space, John Waters on his favorite bad Christmas music, Tarzans Christmas, and more.
3 Hours.

6 Responses to “Christmas Garbage”

  1. MPlainguet says:

    The link window doesn’t have an actual link to hear the show. The same with the previous show too.

  2. gumby says:

    I’m unable to download this performance, the popup doesn’t contain the link to download the file.

  3. Dublin Dave says:

    Probs with popup here too. No link to be found 🙁 Really want to relive the magic of Christmas junk!

  4. snugganut says:

    sorry about that, y’all!
    the last 2 shows are available now.

  5. Art Overby says:

    Oh, you wanna hear how this garbage sounds?

  6. Syd Onion says:

    Santa claus is a black man!