All Art Radio

Feb. 12, 2010

A multiply diverse mix of odd outer art music and artists set in music as in DJ Spookys Rhythm Science and The Art Of Noises Debussy. Also Carl Andres bricks, Cristos Rocky Mountain river work, Anti-art from 60 Minutes and an ensuing media debate about it, Art For Arts Sake, novel writing, and general artist and critic commentary on what art might be and how to do it. Lots of Receptacle callers also chime in and we lose KZFR for good.

3 Hours.

10 Responses to “All Art Radio”

  1. Hermy says:

    Good hello.
    What’s gone wrong with Over The Edge?
    It’s become impossible to download recent shows completely.
    Please help.

  2. Hermy says:

    Panic over. Finally got the show from 14th Jan…:)

  3. pete says:

    Not impossible, but persistence is required 🙂

    Think the upload might have come up a little short with this show… you might want to check it.

  4. pete says:

    Seems to be loading OK now… thanks!

  5. Eepaw says:

    Dear Don,

    It’s not working out. You must have seen this coming. We’re just too different I guess. And now that the “buzz” has gone, it feels like the buzz has gone. I’m sorry.

    Your “Little Zeffy”,

  6. moonguy says:

    persistance is one thing,. I’ve been trying for weeks now! But as long as it’s available I’ll just keep trying,.. (really need this show, brain starts to go bad)

  7. moonguy says:

    I think my last comment did the trick,. I finally got it now (and with It I mean Jan 29th show) Now lets see if I can get this feb 12th show,..

    thnx for making these shows available,.. (just wish they wouldn’t play so hard to get)

  8. Hermy says:

    Good hello,

    Warning: filesize() [function.filesize]: stat failed for /home/negativl/public_html/ote_live/ote20100211-allartradio.mp3 in /home/negativl/public_html/store/functionscart/free.php on line 257

    What does all this mean? It’s what I get when I press the Download button. I hope it can be remedied as I’m really enjoying these All Art Radio programs.

  9. Dan "Devo Monster" says:

    I had a few beers and some Lao tobacco and I thought of Negativland and Over the Edge. I’m glad to see the show is still on the air. I am on my few acres of rice paddies in a remote part of Thailand. I wish I could hear Don Joyce and some Finnegans Wake, but I guess I’ll just have to listen to more morlum…

  10. Nop says:

    As “Hermy” pointed out six months ago, the link remains broken.