All Art Radio – September 9, 2010

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All Lenny Bruce

Sept. 9 2010


After a Language Alert notice to watch out for all too many offensive words, we spread Lenny Bruce across three hours. Bruce expounds and improvises on sex, dope, comedy, insecurity, dirty words, the nature of obscenity, his legal hassles and busts, and night club hecklers. Bruce was the first to bring the most taboo street language into show business and he paid the price while changing the business.

3 Hours.

4 Responses to “All Art Radio – September 9, 2010”

  1. the janitor says:

    man… do i want to succeed at successfully downloading this show… will keep you posted..

  2. the janitor says:

    holy shit! 5th times the charm… lennybruceland here we come…

  3. the janitor says:

    it plays too… awesome… glad you guys are more or less “back on the air”, as far as the internet is concerned..

  4. Reelboy says:

    Oh, my, am I looking forward to hearing this. Thanks very much!